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random rants from a not too politically correct chick
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Date:2004-04-30 17:06
Subject:tired little dogs
Mood: tired

so the new woman at work isn't working out. but, of course, i'd rather not hurt her feelings by letting her go so i took on two people's jobs today just to get through a busy lunch. what is wrong with me?! must get good help. this woman is really sweet and i wish the best for her but she isn't getting it and i can't keep paying her for all the mistakes she is making. frustrating. i know i ask alot but i give alot in return. and the kids get it. why not the adults? geez. it's a drag and my feet are aching cuz i was zooming around here like wonderwoman in her invisible jet to keep the place humming and fix all the mistakes so people walked away happy little customers. must soak dogs tonight. long, hot shower too. zoinks. when does it start getting easier?

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Date:2004-04-29 19:27
Subject:miss communication
Mood: annoyed

working with folks that speak a different language sure is difficult. i am not miss communication for certain. and i'm not just talking literally. when i say different language i mean english but the "alternate" english that only that person is privy to because it only exists in their little world. what i really want is for you to read my mind and do what i'm thinking rather than me have to tell you for the umpteenth time that "this" should be done like "that." whether it's the first time doing it or the 3,471 time, i'd still like it done the same way i asked in the first place. i haven't changed my mind. because if i did, i would have told you. get it yet? no memo = still do it the way i asked. comprende? wow. i cannot fathom where the disconnect is sometimes? is mercury retrograde or something?

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Date:2004-04-29 18:19
Subject:finally got my cyber ass in gear
Mood: hopeful

journal entry number one. should be something profound to say but all i can think about is the woman today that was desperate to let me know how much my windows needed to be cleaned. why thank you. when was the last time you washed your windows? point taken? i hope so...
now scram.

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